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Feb 24 2020 - May 25 2020
7:00pm - 9:00pm
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Trivia with Geeks Who Drink – every Tuesday
Blueberry Hill’s Elvis Room

A Landmark St. Louis Restaurant & Music Club
We first opened our doors way back in 1972, when the Delmar Loop neighborhood was a desolate, empty street that had seen better days. “We wanted to open a welcoming place that was all about music, pop culture memorabilia, and great food to share a beer over,” say owners Joe Edwards and Linda Edwards. “We were young and idealistic and within a week of opening set out to revitalize the Delmar Loop.”
In the beginning we just had a hot dog machine and served peanuts and beer nuts with our beer. But in 1974 we expanded our tiny kitchen for the first time – to make room for a grill to cook what would become our famous burgers. “I felt St. Louis wanted a great burger, and I was hoping to provide it,” Joe says.
We had a tune-spinning Seeburg jukebox from day one. “I had a collection of 30,000 records that I rotated in and out of the jukebox. I wanted people to experience music they might not hear otherwise,” says Joe. That jukebox, which people from all over the country started coming to hear, was the beginning of our music history.

Music History Gets Made Here

In 1985 we opened up the Elvis Room to bring live music into Blueberry Hill. It was the next step for us and for helping to make The Loop the live music center of St. Louis. Fast forward to 1997: the legendary live music room the Duck Room is born. “We cut a hole in what is now the Piano Room,” Joe says, “put a Bobcat in there and dug five feet out of the basement ground in order to lower the floor. I wanted the room to have high ceilings and a big stage.”

The Father of Rock & Roll and first person inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Chuck Berry, inaugurated the Duck Room and played over 200 consecutive monthly concerts in the intimate 340-capacity room. Joe tells the story of how that came to be: “Chuck and I have been good friends since the early ’80s. One night in 1996 he was reminiscing about the smaller clubs he used to play when he was just starting out and how much he would love to play an intimate club again in contrast to large stadiums. There was a split-second pause. We looked at each other and said ‘Let’s do it.’ That’s how Chuck Berry came to play once a month at Blueberry Hill in a legendary concert series.”

Green Dining Alliance

We’re a proud member of the Green Dining Alliance. We value sustainability in our restaurant business. We recycle, use compostable to-go containers, are switching to LED lights where we can and generally operate with a goal of being “green.” The Loop is one of the greenest dining districts in St. Louis.

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Events Near Me Stl, Local Things To Do, Events Happening Now
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